The Housing and Community services department is committed to the provision of residential, commercial and industrial stands to individuals and body corporate. We also aim to facilitate the provision of recreational facilities, education and health to the residents of the town.

The department has three sections, namely the Environmental Health section, the Housing section and the community services section.

Housing Section

The Housing Section is responsible for the allocation of Residential, Commercial, institutional and Heavy industry stands.

The section is also responsible for administration of all housing related issues such as change of ownership, record keeping, processing of title deeds, processing of agreement of sale documents and processing of lease agreement documents for Council leased.

Medium density residential stands are available ranging from 450m2 to 1100m2. Deposit $2000 and balance payable over 12 months

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Community Services

This section is under construction

Environmental Section

The section is Responsible for:

1. Solid waste management

Environmental Health section is responsible for solid waste management, street cleaning, health inspections and health delivery services.

The section also facilitates clean up campaigns done through voluntary clean up exercises by members of the community in all the six wards in Plumtree Town.

2. Refuse collection

Plumtree Town maintains a routine weekly waste collection schedule.

Refuse is collected once a week in the residential areas and twice a week in the CBD and Plumtree border post.

We are currently using both the tractor drawn dumper and the refuse compact truck to collect refuse.

3. Water quality control

Provision of quality portable water is key to council hence water sampling is done to monitor water quality at regular intervals.

Water is sampled for chemical content, bacteriological analysis, turbidity, Ph and residual chlorine levels.

Jar tests are conducted at the beginning of every shift to determine the amount chlorine and aluminium sulphate required to treat water.

Water samples are sent to Criterion Water Works in Bulawayo once a month for testing.

4. Public health

Plumtree Town Council is using the Zimbabwe Public Health Act 15.09 together with other statutory instruments to enforce public health compliance.

The Environmental Health Officer spearheads the public health inspectorate to ensure that the food and meat industry within the town adheres to the set minimum health standards.

This is meant to safeguard consumers from buying contaminated or expired goods in all businesses in Plumtree Town.

Prior to issuance of a business trading licence, the inspectorate that is composed of an officer from the Engineering department, the Fire and Ambulance Services and the Environmental Health Officer inspects premises for structural fitness and public health adherence and then advises the licensing department accordingly.

The Environmental Health Officer is mandated to penalize any operator or individual who fails to adhere to the set guidelines.

5. Epidemiology

 The Environment Health section is also responsible for the administration of health services.

Plumtree Town Council has one clinic which offers a number of services that include T.B DOTS programme, Voluntary HIV/AIDS testing and counselling, family planning and antenatal care.

The EHO is responsible for monitoring communicable disease prevalence in the town to prevent any outbreaks.

Prevention of outbreaks is done by determining thresholds for infectious diseases so as to be alert and responsive to any sudden rise of disease prevalence.

Prevention of diseases is done through the involvement of Community Health Clubs that Council recently formed in all the wards in Town. T.B patients on DOTS programme are also followed up to avoid any defaulting and unaccounted for patients.

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