Department's Mission

Treasury services is committed to excellence in the delivery of financial management and accounting services.

The Treasury department is the custodian of Council funds. Its objectives are to receive, record, disburse financial resources to Council’s advantage and in accordance with legal provisions. The department is headed by the Finance Director and supported by the Finance Officer and bookkeeper and revenue clerks.

The department’s core functions are:-

1. Implementation of Council Budgets.

2. Production of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements & reports.

3. Loans management rent and charges.

4. Revenue collection (Rates, consumer charges, levies, fees & penalties).

Revenue Office

At the revenue office we receipt payments for rates, water charges, building plan fees, other income from ratepayers.

Other duties include:-

1. Debt collection and management through the process of issuing letters of demand, disconnection of water supplies.

2. Maintenance of consumer data bases for the purpose of accurate billing.

3. Proper accounting and custody of the collected revenue.

4. Attending to ratepayer queries.

5. Receipting of Shop license fees, and other sundry licenses

6. Maintenance of up to date leased properties records.

7. Monitoring and follow up income on land sales.

8. Billing of all properties on the Council’s data base for rates, refuse, sewerage and water levies.

9. Debt Management.

For all your enquiries concerning rates, payment for residential, industrial and commercial stands visit the finance department at Plumtree Town Council Offices , 320 Central road, Plumtree. Email: or

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