The Engineering department plans, execute and maintains the entire infrastructure in the town in adherence to the bylaws and regulatory instruments.

The department is responsible for civic works within the town for development control guided by the Regional Town and Country Planning Act (Chapter 29:12), Water Act (Chapter 20:24) & Modern Building Bylaws, Road Traffic Act (Chapter 13:11) & Road Motor Transportation Act (Chapter 13:15).

There are three sections within the engineering services namely: roads and civil works section, town planning & waters works.

Roads & Civil Works

This section is responsible for:

1. Design and construction of roads, bridges, storm water drainage plus other associated infrastructure.

2. Gravelling and surfacing of town roads.

3. Repair and maintenance of the roads infrastructure ( road markings, pothole patching).

4. Approval and monitoring of private sector initiated projects.

5. Surfacing rejuvenation (for example spray & chip surface dressing; slurry seal);

6. Improvement or provision of drainage facilities.

Town Planning Section

This section deals with development control within the town‘s area of jurisdiction.

For all your development permits, plan approvals, peg identification and building inspections visit the Town Planning section.

Any development which takes place in the town without consultation with the engineering department will be demolished and attract severe penalties.

Before commencing any development or making any changes to structures, visit the Engineering department for proper advice and avoid any inconveniences.

Building Plan Approval

This is the procedure that one needs to follow:

1. Request a site plan from the Town Planning Section which falls under the Engineering Services Department.

2. The site plan shows the location of the stand and its dimensions.

3. The beneficiary will also be given building lines prevailing in the area where the stand is located after the above inspections have been made a level of development approved. One is not allowed to occupy an unfinished building.

Water Section

Plumtree Town Council is now responsible for water treatment and distribution to the end users.

The town gets its supply of water from two sources: – that is Mangwe dam located 60km from the town centre and Mhlanga dam which about 14km from the town centre.

The Water section is responsible for maintenance and distribution mains, storage reservoirs, service connections and water meters.

Our operations involve extracting raw water from the dam, storing water in reservoirs, purifying, and pumping it the treated water to the residents.

Water quality testing is done once every month, to ensure that residents get clean portable water safe for human consumption.

The section caters for customer supply projects such as connections and metering, timely responses to customer reports, responding to water supply breakdowns, availing adequate information on water supplies to the customers.

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