Administration Department

This is the department which provides support services to other Council departments and sections. It coordinates resource allocation so that the attainment of Plumtree Town Council’s goals and objectives is made possible.

This department is headed by Mr Elvis Maphosa, the Principal Administration Officer. The Administration Department is responsible for:

1. The provision of an efficient and effective secretariat service to the council, its committees and sub committees. This includes agenda compilation – to provide council/councillors with relevant data/ information so that they can make informed decisions.

2. Agenda dispatch – to ensure that councillors receive their agenda on time, so that they make adequate preparations for meetings.

3. Minuting reports/ agenda – to record discussions at council, committee and sub committee meetings in terms of laid down procedures, for example urban councils act: chapter 29:15.

4. Actioning of resolutions – to ensure compliance in implementing various council decisions / procedures.

5. To provide an efficient and effective legal service to council; i.e. to have a legally compliant council.

6. Shop licensing


1. Fire & Rescue Services

The security section is responsible for :

a. Plumtree Town Council provides 24 hour fire and rescue services and ambulance services which provide pre-hospital care.

b. We provide an efficient and effective emergency service.

c. We also provide awareness and fire prevention information so as to reduce incidents of fire.

2. Traffic Enforcement

Plumtree town Council police at work, clamping cars which flaut traffic regulations.

Motorists are advised to park at designated parking lots so that they avoid being clamped.

3. Human Resources

This section exists to:

a. To develop an efficient and effective workforce for council departments.

b. Staff development and training.

c. Recruitment and induction of new employees.

c. Employee welfare

4. Security Section

The security section is responsible for loss control, enforcement of various Acts and bylaws, such as Municipal Traffic Laws Enforcement Act 29:11, Regional Town and Country Planning Act 29:12, Urban Areas (Omnibus Act 29:14), Housing standards Control Act 29:08, By- laws such as Anti litter bylaw , clamping and tow away bylaws and other regulations and statutory instruments.

Compliance on shop licensing has been quite good during the first quarter, mainly due to the periodic checks which are conducted by the security section.

Members of the public must be aware that ZRP is mandated to enforce acts of parliament and that includes the shop licence act.

Joint operations with the ZRP will continue and members of the public must not see this as act of harassment.

Business persons are also urged to renew their licenses on time and also display them to avoid unnecessary closures of their premises, arrests and subsequent fines.

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