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Welcome to Plumtree Town

Plumtree Town Council is an administrative body responsible with service provision for residence of Plumtree.

The town council’s responsibilities range from the provision of clean drinking water, health services, decent housing, refuse collection and many others.


The evolution of Plumtree Town Council can be traced back from 1897 where it started operating as a railway station.

That was the period when the railway line to Bulawayo was being constructed. Like the three other railway stations between Plumtree and Bulawayo, a tree was chosen for the name of the place.

Plumtree Town mushroomed as a semi-permanent outpost of early white settlers developing into alternative rail route of supplies between South Africa, Botswana, and Bulawayo.

Increased trade and rail activity gradually transformed what was primarily a transit port into an established community that experienced population growth, tax offices, administration structures, schools and farmers’ club.

The town board was under Bulilimamangwe district council until it was granted a town status in 2002, out of a decision by government to split what was then considered to be too expansive and administratively cumbersome a district: into 3 independent administrative authorities – Bulilima R.D.C; Mangwe RDC; and Plumtree Town Council.

It is the economic hub for Bulilima and Mangwe districts. The town is expanding in terms of residential housing units but there hasn’t been much development in terms of industry.

We are therefore inviting investors to explore the opportunities available in the growing town.

Take advantage of our strategic location and consider investing in a border town which has vast land for industrial, commercial and residential housing units.



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